Photopea Cracked v1.0 Apk Latest Version (New-2023)

Photopea 1.0 is an excellent web-based graphic editor product used for web design, image editing, and converting between image difference formats. It is an advertising-supported application. Photopea Online Editor is compatible with various web browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox. Photopea was developed by Ivan Kuckir, and soon it popular in the market quickly.

Photopea Cracked Apk Free Download 2023 [Online Editor]

Millions of professionals use this video editor due to its outstanding work. Photopea Online Editor With Crack is an online photo editor that works in a user browser. It helps to save users’ PC Hard Disk and users can use this fantastic application on their smartphones. This online editor application offers most tools of Adobe Photoshop, so we can say that it’s similar to Photoshop.

It is an open-source program with some ads which help to support its development. It supports different formats like XD, CDR, PSD, Sketch, CXF, etc. Some other photo editors demand a charge, but this powerful software is free for all and does not require you to download something.

Photopea Cracked Apk Free Download 2023 [Online Editor]

With the help of Photopea Apk, users can create a new project and edit an existing project they want. Even they can save their project as PSD, JPG, GIF, SVG, and much more. It is free for all users if they’re going to upgrade to a Premium account for $9 for one month to remove and support the developer.

Photopea APK Download For PC runs on any device such as a phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop without any issues. Furthermore, if users enjoy this software’s best performance, then they should need a big-screen device. Due to its advanced features and performance, it is considered the best photo editor. Some photo editors much expensive, so users cannot afford them, but this wonderful software is available free for them.

It supports any device for work, but other software cannot support it. It’s a simple and straightforward interface as compared to other software which is complex interfaces so users cannot understand them. It provides advanced features as compared to others.

Features of Photopea

Support Different File Types

Photopea Cracked Apk supports various file types such as PSD, PDF, RAW, XD, and others through these users can store their contents easily without any issues.

Filter And Effect

It offers terrific effects to make our photo attractive even if it supports the filter which makes it unique from other photo editors.

Import And Export Option

Through this application, users can easily import and export their projects with their friends or partner and show their good editing skills to others.

Offer Clone Stamp

Photopea Premium Key supports the clone stamp. Through this option, users can copy their content from one place to another place easily.

Support Advanced Layering

This excellent application offers advanced layering through this user can multiple layers for image editing and is considered the backbone of editing.

Clean And Simple Interface

Both users easily understand Photopea software due to its friendly user interface. Even new experience users comfortably understand it and enjoy their work quickly.

Similar to Adobe Photoshop

Photopea is similar to adobe photoshop due to its same tools and work process. If you already use adobe, so do not worry about this. Just go and download it for your professional editing.

Features of Photopea

What’s New In Photopea?

  • Now supports more formats
  • Add more advanced features
  • It is available in 40+ languages.
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Enhance the speed of work
  • New tools added.
  • Improve editing process
  • Support more effects
  • Quick and secure service


  • Friendly user interface
  • Support import and export
  • Support large feature set
  • You don’t need to download
  • Work in various browser
  • Free for all users
  • Safe and secure


  • Some users find it tough
  • This Cracked Version may shut performance during editing.


Is Photopea Free?

It is an online image editor that runs without a plugin and is accessible to all wanted users. It is able to save and read PDF files. It can work with a layer style, text layers, and much more.

Is Photopea Cracked Apk safe to use?

This powerful software is tested by some antivirus software that proves that it is safe and clean for users. So you do not need to worry about its safety.

How do you put text on Photopea?

If you create a point text, then choose a type tool and press and release the mouse at the same place which will become the origin. Furthermore, if you want to create a paragraph text, press the mouse and drag it into a rectangle.

How do I add a layer to this program?

First of all, click the layers new Adjustment layer in the menu to add a new layer. In this Cracked Online Editor, you can change the parameter of adjustment if you want.

How can I get Photopea offline?

Like Sketch or Photoshop, Photopea runs entirely on your mobile. Your files are not uploaded to the internet by it. You can load, go offline, and continue using it without any internet connection. Your computer never lets any of your files go outside.

How To Use Photopea?

Watch this video to learn everything detail is added in the video

How To Download Photopea?

  • First, Clink the downloading link, and install the latest alternate application of Photoshop.
  • Extract the downloading file and run the complete version.
  • Read the instruction note carefully.
  • Photopea Premium Key or Activation Code is included in there
  • Put the activation code.
  • Now Enjoy.

System Requirements

  • Memory: RAM 8GB and free disk space must be 200MB required for this Online Editor Apk.
  • CPU: The processor of the system must be 2.0Ghr or Avobe ( 64-bit and 32-bit).
  • Graphics: Graphics are important for these editing tools. It must be 1GB at least.
  • Operating System: Photopea Apk Cracked supports Windows and macOS.



The greatest is Photopea, and I heartily endorse it. Overall: This program is quite complete and elegant, which is very helpful to me. Pros: Once you discover and utilize these fantastic picture editing tools, you won’t need Photoshop any longer.